Steiner NVS-21 NV Low Profile Night Vision Monocular NVS-21M

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The NVS-21MM night vision system by Steiner is essentially the commercial version of the AN/PVS-21 system. This rugged, battle proven night vision monocular have a low profile design and utilize See-Through technology to allow them to instantly adjust to bright light. The NVS-21M features a large field of view that doesn’t affect depth perception, as well as eliminating the chance of tunnel vision and vertigo often associated with conventional night vision devices. In addition, the sensor integration on the NVS-21M provides the user with enhanced situational awareness.

Features of the NVS-21M

  • Waterproof
  • Low-profile design
  • See-Through technology automatically adjusts to bright light
  • 2 IR LED auxiliary illumination source
  • Power supply: AA battery 1.5-3.6V alkaline/lithium
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