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  • The most prolific military-issue SureFire WeaponLight on the planet
  • Dual-spectrum performance — white light and IR LEDs in a single head
  • Combat-proven durability

Combat Darkness, Anywhere, Anytime. The M952V Millennium® Universal is a lightweight, compact WeaponLight featuring a high-output white light and infrared LED in one sealed unit. In white light mode, a recoil-proof LED generates a versatile 350-lumen tactical beam capable of temporarily overwhelming an aggressor’s dark-adapted vision and disorienting him. In infrared mode, the 120-milliwatt LED produces a beam invisible to the naked eye, for use on stealth operations involving night vision devices — no filter required. Switching between the two light spectrum modes is intuitive and easy, even on the fly, and is achieved by twisting a no-look selector ring on the bezel.

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