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The Fully Articulating Duals

The DTNVS is a lightweight binocular night vision device for professional users. With its solid state technology to control all aspects of its operations, it is a reliable tool for any Night-vision requirement.

The DTNVS utilizes PVS-14 Glass. Can also be Fitted with Anvis and Depth glass for better clarity and reduce overall weight!


Gives optimal center of gravity

At a weight of slightly above 500g it puts these binos in the ultra lightweight category! And how the weight is placed on a helmet is just as important. This is why the DTNVS is designed so that it folds onto a helmet to give an optimal center of gravity, providing less strain to the neck/spin while stored.

Finish Matte Black, Corrosion Resistant
Fiber re-enforced polycarbonate body
Capability Flip-Up On-Off
Side Flip-Up On-Off
Built-in IR LED with “IR-on” indicator in FOV
Low battery indicator in FOV
Waterproof: 10 or 20m for two hours
Lens System F/1.2
FOV 40°
Range of Focus 0.25 m to ∞
Diopter Adjustment +2 to -6 dpt
Power Supply 1x CR123
Battery Life 25 Hours
Dimensions 3" X 3.8" X 4.4"
Weight 19.9 ounces
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