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Build the light setup that fits your needs!

Modlites uses 18350 and 18650 to describe the size of the light. 18350 is the small one. 18650 is the large one.

All Modlites come with Rechargeable batteries and a charger. 

Time to let the lights talk

IR-940. I am the stealthy Infrared weapon light. I’m pushing 500mw of IR in the lowest visible spectrum making me the best for stealth. For when you wanna see but not be seen. 

IR-850  I am for when you need max IR power I am the light you want! While I am  more visible to the human eye, I push out 1100mw of IR power! And I can push out to 300 yards. And lets be real you won’t see much of my red glow at 300 yards but I’ll see you! 

OKW  I should be known as the rifle mounted spotlight. I throw a lot of light a long ways with not a lot spillage on the edge.  I am great for spotting, and situations where you need a more focused beam! 

PLHv-2.  I am a extremely bright well rounded light covering all your bases in white light.  While i don’t  illuminate as far as the OKW, But I illuminate the surrounding areas of your target giving you maximum situational awareness.  I am fantastic for most applications! 

Surefire DF M600.  I am a cheap rechargeable light! That’s where my glory ends...I won’t outperform the Modlite line in any way even though I boast to have more lumens.  I mainly sit in the corner and cry waiting for someone with “cheaper taste” to buy me.  Please buy me I won’t disappoint you unless someone brings out a Modlite and overpowers me.  Which happens every time.  

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